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Supporting The Western Kentucky Flood Victims

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Tonight we fulfilled our promise to deliver 100lbs of fresh ground beef to Ramiro’s for a donation to help him feed the flood victims and people who are working to recover in Kentucky. He almost had tears in eyes and was so grateful, and gave Rylee a tour of the kitchen. Then he said wait a minute. I’m going to grill you, Rylee and I a burger my way from your beef we purchased from you last week. It’s already been laid and fresh. As we watched him personally grill up burgers his way in the kitchen. Almost every single employee wanted to know who we was and what we was doing. So we broke out the farm pictures and videos and showed them where that beef originated. Amazing group of people he has put under his guidance!!! Then we sat in the restaurant and enjoyed Morning Breeze Cattle Farms FRESH BEEF. Ramiro was amazed and keep taking his burger apart to show us everything he was pleased about lol. We left him with our 100# of ground beef donation and he said that will feed 1,000 people in beef burritos.

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Very cool

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